Jona Salcher | Cinematographer

"30 Min Documentary" | Energia


Hands toiling deep down in the darkness of the mine, strange echoing sounds from the belly of the earth; a furrowed industrial landscape – hard coal feeds the region around the Silesian city of Katowice with its energy. "Energia" feels its way towards a sense of an uncertain future. Has energy already gained control over people's lives?
Winner of the "Dynamo Doc Award" at the 23rd Landshuter Kurzfilm Festival


Director & DOP: Jona Salcher
1st. ac: Marcin Zydek
Colorist: Zé Maria Abreu Santos
Editor: Karuna A. Fuchs
Composer: Giovanni Berg, Dieter Schleip
Dialogue Translation: Zaneta Nowak
Copywriter: Julien Hebenstreit
Sound Recordist: Hilarija Locmele
Sound Mix: Gerhard Auer

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